App Reviews
"The team at Micro Mobile Apps focused on my inability to message my customers when I had overages in certain inventory. Being able to me connect with our customers at will, allowed my business to decrease my extra inventory and increase my profit margins."
Rob Thomas
Business Owner

About Our Apps
We offer quality mobile apps, designed with the small business owner in mind. Everything you need to run your business in one place and engage your customers.
Our apps allow businesses to connect, interact and message their customers at will.

About Us

About Our Team
​Our development team is made up of top - notch talented professionals, that focus on innovation, creativity and user-focused designs and interaction. 

We have a belief that businesses want to keep pace with their customers and the global mobile marketplace.


Advertising With Apps
​Our apps allow businesses to decrease their advertising budgets by 50% - 75%. 
Most businesses have experienced a tremendous increase in sales, by incorporating mobile marketing advertising into their business plan and marketing matrix.

Every small business must mobilize their business with a mobile app.



"Our mission is to create an affordable and quality mobile app for small businesses, so that they can remain relevant, in the ever growing global mobile marketplace - by mobilizing their businesses."